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Waste Signage Package Design

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The Waste Signage project aimed to create a comprehensive system of signage for multiple waste streams, tailored to the diverse regulations and requirements of various cities. This case study outlines the meticulous process undertaken to ensure the effectiveness, compliance, and sustainability of the signage package.

The project involved collaboration with cross-functional teams, particularly the Asset and Environmental Sustainability team, to determine the specifications and requirements for the signage. It encompassed the design of signs in multiple sizes and styles to suit different scenarios, as well as ensuring bilingual signage in compliance with laws in Quebec and Ottawa.

Collaborating closely with the Asset and Environmental Sustainability team ensured that the designs aligned with organizational goals and industry best practices.

Multiple Use Cases

The design journey involved iterative exploration, where each iteration was informed by feedback from diverse stakeholders. Balancing aesthetic appeal with legibility and compliance, the designs evolved to embody clarity and effectiveness across various sizes and styles.

Once the designs were finalized, the big part of this process was collaboration with vendors and assessment of materials to determine the most suitable options for indoor and outdoor use. I had to give special consideration to durability, vandalism resistance, and sustainability as teams were facing the issue of vandalism in various locations.

This project challenged me to not only use my technical skill but also test my capacity to effect positive change through thoughtful and purposeful design solutions.

Above are some real life use cases of the solution that was provided

Streamlined Order Form Development

Another important aspect of the project was developing a coded order form that streamlined the procurement process. Each form was meticulously categorized by city, material use, and design ensuring seamless navigation for manufacturers and expediting the implementation phase.

Beyond the launch...

proactive engagement with stakeholders from diverse cities reinforced understanding and adoption. Virtual meetings facilitated training on form completion and material selection, empowering teams to champion sustainable practices within their respective communities.

The Waste Signage Package has a significant impact beyond its visual appeal. It aims to improve waste diversion rates and promotes a culture of sustainability, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. By also being used in tenant spaces, the package extends its positive influence even further.