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I'm a
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Hi! My name’s Diljeet and I have a deep-seated passion for designing. After completing an M.A. in Graphic Design I’ve spent years working for various small businesses, gradually growing my skillset. My main focus and intention always revolve around 3 things – Process, Creativity, and Impact – as I aim towards having a design process for all my projects that are created with creativity & uniqueness, and lead to creating an impact that a brand is looking to establish.

Here's a spread of my core skills

While i have a lot to show,
here are some specific examples:

Packaging Design
Logo & Packaging Design
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Web Illustrations
Illustrating for website & mobile app
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Brand Identity
Logo & Branding Identity Design
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Social Media Design
Social media posts & print collaterals
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Some of my achievements include:

Best Women-Led Projects

Won the “Best Women-Led Projects” category in Finastra’s Hack to The Future Hackathon 2021. Worked individually on the UI and UX of the app concept, logo for the app, and team logo for the hackathon.

Realistic Mock-up Creation in Photoshop

I developed a process of creating realistic mock-ups in Adobe Photoshop and trained fellow designers in the agency to create their own, which helped promote various small businesses under budget.

Worked for upto 15 Start-ups

Successfully worked with up to 15 start-ups to launch their brand and increase awareness across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Featured by Elementor Ltd.

Featured by Elementor Ltd., a WordPress visual editor plug-in, on their Instagram feed for the #elementorlove Dec’19, to showcase the functionality of the plug-in through my website’s design.

If you'd like to learn more about me or my work, hit me up!